Cargo Barriers

If you have an accident, or even just brake suddenly, unsecured items like groceries, work gear or sporting equipment can all become lethal weapons. Even items you wouldn’t ordinarily consider to be heavy or hard can become dangerous when hurled at great force. Having appropriate occupant protection in any vehicle is a must and there’s …

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Two Way Radios

Setting the standard in car fitouts since 2010 Adelaide – South Australia Koan Solutions supplies and installs an extensive range of communications equipment. For those people who require communication in remote areas or for simply communicating free of charge with your mates, a two way radio is the perfect solution. We stock the complete range …

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Vinyl Car Wrapping

Dash Cameras

Caravan & Camper Trailers

If you are considering your next Caravan adventure, you’ll need to carry a number of other items to suit your specific needs. Koan Solutions range of accessories also includes a selection of smaller, but still extremely important products to complement your van and ensure you’re prepared for your next adventure. We not only supply the …

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Other Accessories & Services

There are thousands of parts under the Auto Electrical Accessories umbrella that range from the smallest of connectors and fuses to the largest of heavy duty batteries. This extensive range offered caters to many industries whether it is construction, mining, agricultural or industrial. Koan Solutions is continually keeping up and investing in latest technologies to …

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Mining Solutions

Koan Solutions also offers a range of 4wd equipment and accessories for the mining industry. For more detailed information on these accessories Navigate your way through our extensive range or call us to discuss the options for your vehicle.

Reversing Solutions

The prevention of workplace accidents caused by heavy vehicles is a major concern for any commercial organisation. To this end many efforts have been made over the years to reduce the risk involved with heavy vehicle movements around workers & the workplace, with particular attention given to reversing manoeuvres. Some of the controls that have contributed to …

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Satellite Navigation

Koan Solutions offer a complete range of Satellite Navigation systems, giving you the latest in vehicle technology. Whether you require a handheld unit for bushwalking, a fixed vehicle mounted system, we have a system to suit your needs.

Tracking Systems

If you want to: Track your fleet Enhancing safety for your vehicles Having a positive impact on driver behaviour Increasing Productivity Reducing Costs Simply call us on 1300 486 341 if  you want more detailed information on this product or drop into our showroom. ​ ​ Knowing where your vehicles are and what they are …

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Vehicle Security

Have an immobiliser, with or without an alarm feature fitted to your vehicle TODAY! IMMOBILISERS An immobiliser is an electronic device that cuts into one or more electronic circuits within the vehicle. They can be operated either by a coded touch key, a transponder tag, remote control or a jack plug. Connects to central locking – (For …

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Lighting Solutions

Which Lights Do You Choose? Lights are a very important safety feature of your vehicle. A quality set of lights gives all of us the freedom of movement to venture out onto the road no matter what the driving conditions are. Besides improving the safety of your vehicle, automotive lights give you the chance to …

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Mobile Phone Solutions

Bluetooth Handsfree Products & More! Since 2010, Koan Solutions has been dedicated to offering our customers a range of car kits and accessories at the cutting edge of technology. We’ve carefully chosen a selection to make hands-free driving and riding a pleasure – in fact, we’re now supporting a local manufacturer designing, developing and manufacturing …

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Cruise Controls

A Cruise Control monitors your vehicle’s speed though a sophisticated electronic module and adjusts the throttle to maintain your chosen speed. An ergonomically designed stalk is installed on the steering column and blends perfectly with the factory items. Alternatively, a hub mounted switch can be fitted onto your steering wheel, making the access and operation …

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Audio & Entertainment

In Car Entertainment for your vehicle For professional, unsurpassed attention to detail, and for an unbeatable quality installation, call the professionals at Koan Solutions. We care enough to take the time to design a system to suit your needs. We can supply and fit a complete system for you, or we can install a pre-purchased …

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4WD Accessories

If you are considering a 4WD adventure, you’ll need to carry a number of other items to suit your specific needs. Koan Solutions range of 4WD accessories also includes a selection of smaller, but still extremely important products to complement your vehicle and ensure you’re prepared for any off road adventure you choose. We not …

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Car Protection

Koan Solutions can provide you with the ultimate in car protection items from Paint Protection, Interior Protection and Rust Protection – and these are not just polishes – they actually work! Also for new cars we can supply you with our Scratch and Dent Programme. Isn’t it frustrating when you have just purchased a new …

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Vehicle Window Tinting

Koan Solutions is committed to providing the Best Quality Automotive Films at the Best Price. Koan Solutions Automotive Films have the looks that sell themselves and outstanding performance features. Up-to-date colours and shades that match the newest factory tints. Superior heat shrinkability and adhesion to dot matrix.. Superior optical clarity.

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