Vehicle Security

Have an immobiliser, with or without an alarm feature fitted to your vehicle TODAY!


An immobiliser is an electronic device that cuts into one or more electronic circuits within the vehicle. They can be operated either by a coded touch key, a transponder tag, remote control or a jack plug.

  • Connects to central locking - (For remote entry.)
  • Black Wiring - (Harder to override.)
  • 2 separate points of immobilisation - (greater security.)
  • Auto Immobilisation -(never forget to set it.)
  • Pin # override - (in case of lost remotes.)
  • Rolling Code - (Stops electronic tampering.)
  • Security Housing -(protecting the wiring harness.)
  • Flashing Led - (visual confirmation of the status of the Immobiliser.)
  • Optional Features - Anti Hi-Jack.


Koan Solutions highly developed electronic vehicle security system will combat the increasingly sophisticated professional car thief without compromising quality, reliability and user Friendliness. This fully featured alarm with its innovative design provides maximum protection with the following features:

  • Dual Immobilisation – Two independent circuits of engine immobilisation.
  • Remote Controls – Two “code-hopping” weather resistant polycarbonate remote controls.
  • Personal Identification Number (PIN) Override - High security, with 50,000 combination overrides.
  • Battery Backup siren – Has its own power source so that if the vehicles battery is disconnected the siren continues to sound.
  • Siren Key Override – Siren can be overridden by means of the high security key in the Siren.
  • Auto-Arming Immobiliser – Immobiliser auto-arms 39 seconds after ignition is turned off.
  • Doors, Boot, Bonnet Protection – Alarm triggers if any points are activated
  • Glass breakage detection –False alarm free detection unit that responds only to the breaking of glass.
  • Full Trigger Diagnostics – Reports the cause of the last three Siren triggers. (Upgrade only)
  • Central Locking Drive – Outputs provided to lock and unlock the vehicle on arm and disarm.
  • Visual Arm/Disarm – Confirmation hazard lights flash twice for arm, once for disarm. (May be reversed on upgrade.)
  • Visual Alarm Warning – Hazard lights flash for the duration of Siren trigger.
  • Confirmation chirp – Siren Chirps twice on arm and once on disarm. (optional disable.)
  • LED Status Indicator – Excellent theft deterrent, also informs user if system is armed.
  • Horn Pulse Output – Siren output can be used to pulse the vehicle’s horn instead of a siren
  • Selectable Post Parking Illumination – On disarm, the indicators will light for 15 seconds or until door is opened.
  • Remote Panic – Trigger the siren directly from your remote control. (Not available on upgrade.)
  • Auto Re-Lock – Doors will re-lock if left unlocked and untouched for more than 120 seconds


  • Remote Courtesy Light – The interior light is turned on for 30 seconds on disarm or until engine is started.
  • 2 year module warranty and lifetime labour warranty.
  • Proudly Australian.


Your vehicles standard immobiliser and central locking system can also be upgraded to a fully featured alarm. You wont need to change your vehicles remotes as our alarms can be integrated to these, as well as the vehicles door motors and electronic disabling system.
Leading the security systems available on the market today, our alarm systems offer superior vehicle security in every aspect.



Koan Solutions is up to date with the latest in vehicle technology. Offering a range of optional security features for Alarms such as:

  • Tilt sensors
  • Microwave sensors, (used as a force field & can be tuned to the inside or outside of a vehicle.)
  • Electronic Shock Sensors
  • Sunroof auto Close - with or without remote Remote central locking
  • remote boot release
  • remote window lift – with safety control (roll up your windows when you set your alarm)
  • Central Locking - Never manually open your doors again!
  • Turbo Timers - Keep your turbo engine running for a predetermined time to maximise the life of the turbo. (allows turbo to cool)
  • Interior Illuminators.

Security / Satellite Navigation

Koan Solutions offer a complete range of Satellite Navigation systems, giving you the latest in vehicle technology that offers much in terms of tracking and ultimately security. Want to know where your vehicle is through such a system? Call us to find out about the many options and systems available.

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