Mobile Phone Hands Free

Don't Risk The Fines!

Don’t get caught with your phone to your ear while driving, otherwise you could face a hefty fine and lose 3 demerit points.
At Koan Solutions we stock the full range of hands-free car kits, which we can professionally fit to your vehicle.

  • Car Kits allow you to-:
  • Drive safely with both hands on the wheel
  • Holds phone securely (where cradle avail)
  • Gives increased reception with an external antenna.
  • Mutes radio (where avail)
  • Phone is always charged (where available)
  • Clear audio.

What Hands Free Kit Should I Choose?

Most phones these days have bluetooth capabilities – which means that we install the bluetooth kit to suit your needs, and where available a suitable cradle for your phone. Where there is not a cradle available we can install a universal cradle and more often than not a car charger which still enables you to charge your phone.
Most makes have a few options available – the basic bluetooth units have a button that is placed on the dashboard which allows the user to answer, end calls and adjust the volume in most cases.
Also available in most makes is an lcd screen, which enables the user to answer calls, end calls, and adjust the volume but also to see the incoming caller number and in most cases dial a number from the phones memory. (where supported by the phone)
As an alternative we can also supply and install a THB full duplex car kit with cradle etc. The THB is a great alternative to bluetooth units, and when you upgrade your phone it is usually just a case of buying a new cradle to suit your new phone and connecting it yourself.

What About Mobile Phone Reception?

If reception is important to you, then you need to make sure that the phone that you buy has a dedicated cradle available for it, otherwise we cannot connect an antenna.
Most phones these days have internal antennas and therefore any antenna that we connect to your car works via capacitive coupling technology and not a direct connection.
There are a number of different antennas available for your car-:

External whip antenna, which has a 3db gain, it is dual band which means that it will suit most phones.

Internal antenna (no whip) which is also rated at 3db gain. It is also dual band, and allows your vehicle to maintain its sleek look without antennas protruding on the outside of the vehicle.

Large 9db antenna for those people who require the “best” reception available.

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