Mobile Phone Cradles

Koan Solutions offers the market leading mobile phone car cradle technology, that is Strike.

They are on the cutting edge of development and innovation.

We know what you want, that’s why we offer mobile phone holders for all of the latest phones as well as universal solutions designed to suit all shapes and sizes.

The smartphone is perhaps the most influential and revolutionary development of the modern era, and that’s why at Koan Solutions, we have a tailor-made car cradle for all the latest and greatest in iPhone cradles and other smartphone technology.

In our vast range, there are a number of specific car phone holder solutions individually designed for the popular iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy S10/10+, plus many more.

With extensive phone choice also comes wide-ranging mobile phone car cradle brand options, at Koan Solutions we pride ourselves on giving our customers choice.

We carry a large range of branded products including the brand new exciting range of Strike Alpha Cradles as well as the tried and tested Smoothtalker cradles which include iphone cradles as well as a number of other mobile phone holders.

On top of this, we are a proud retailer of THB Bury, Carcomm, Nokia and ZTE/Telstra products ensuring we have the variety to provide everyone with their exact mobile phone holder requirements.

All of our car phone holders provide different features, including charging and passive antenna connection capabilities, hard-wiring or cigarette-lighter/DC-DC converter connection and the option to add on extras including signal-boosting antennas of which we stock a large range.

Koan Solutions offers the best, most reliable range of mobile phone car cradles in what is an ever-growing market.

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