Turbo Timers

Turbo Timer from Koan Solutions Installations Adelaide

The number one cause of turbo failure is oil "coking".

Oil "coking" occurs when a turbocharger is not properly cooled down and the oil that normally lubricates the centre cartridge heats up and forms solidified oil deposits.

A turbo timer allows an engine to idle for a preset time after the ignition has been turned off and the key is removed. ---

By allowing a turbo charged engine to idle, oil continues to pass through the turbo until it has cooled down to the point where oil "coking" will not occur.

Our alarm systems can be interfaced to the timer, so that your vehicle can be locked and armed even though the engine is still running.

Using a turbo timer for your new engine, is a very sensible and cost efficient way to look after your new investment, ensuring it will keep on running over many kilometres for the years to come.

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