The best way to protect your vehicle from Kangaroos is to avoid hitting them!

Unlike bull-bars (which are designed to hit kangaroos) a shu-roo helps you and your vehicle avoid a collision.

The Shu-roo creates a ‘safety sound zone’ of a high frequency sound 400 metres ahead and 50 metres either side of your vehicle, warning animals of your approach, providing a clear road ahead.

Shu-roo can not be heard by humans, but to kangaroos, birds and other wildlife, it sounds as loud as a police siren and can be controlled by the flick of a switch.

When fitted as a bull-bar replacement, shu-roo has been proven to improve fuel economy. According to leading car manufacturers a bull bar can increase fuel usage by a kilometre or more, per litre. Also a shu-roo doesn’t add to the length of the vehicle making it much easier to park.

No matter what time, day or night, rain, hail or shine, you can now drive with confidence, knowing you are safe on the road with the shu-roo high frequency vehicle protection.


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