Rust Protection


At last, permanent rust protection for your car. Koan Solutions’s Electronic Rust Protection system uses a computer-controlled process that protects your entire vehicle. This Electronic Rust Unit is an environmentally friendly way to look after your entire car. It works via a high frequency impressed current, which effectively encapsulates the metal, covering welds, joins and your vehicle’s total exterior, ensuring that your entire vehicle is permanently protected against rusting, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  1. A small, self-regulating, pulsed DC power supply & control module utilising "smart technology” (in the case of a typical passenger vehicle system about the size of a pack of cigarettes) is the heart of our corrosion proofing systems. The power supply is all solid-state circuitry embedded in electronics grade (UL 94V-0 flame retardant) epoxy encapsulant for long life and durability in any climate. The power supply/control unit utilises internal self-diagnostics with a simple intuitive led indicator which provides warning of low battery voltage, ground faults or short circuits. This eliminates the need for specialised testing instruments or failure prone PC docking ports and static sensitive internal componentry. On automobile and light trucks it is typically installed under the hood or in the trunk (wherever the battery is located) where it runs off the 12V from the vehicle battery - drawing less current than a typical digital clock.
  2. A removable modular wiring harness with fused power lead (to permit easy access to the power supply/control module for inspection or for easy transferability of our corrosion control devices to another vehicle.)
  3. One or more of our unique “programmed capacitive couplers”. These capacitive couplers, which are attached to the protected metal surface with aircraft grade adhesive, are charged by the power supply/control module and function as if they were the positive half of a capacitor. They are wired to the power supply in parallel (each on individual circuits) and meticulously engineered and controlled so that each serves to produce a measured and specific limited range of capacitance and thus deliver a measured and specific limited range electrostatic charge via capacitive coupling. These capacitive couplers are vital to the effectiveness of the system and we exercise the utmost care in their manufacture.

Together these three components serve to induce a measured and specific negative electrostatic surface charge on the metal surface being protected (your vehicle’s body for instance) thus capacitive coupling treats the metal body as if it were the negative half of a capacitor. This negative surface charge serves to interfere with the normal electrochemical corrosion processes that create corrosion on metals.

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